CITI-SENSE 'Development of sensor-based Citizens 

Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities'

Could citizen science be useful to you?

The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) is investigating ways to help people take better care of the environment, especially whether involvement in measuring the environment and sharing information with one another can help bring about some of the changes people may want to make. As part of this work we are planning to make contact with a range of organisations and groups to discuss ideas and opportunities for making positive changes to the environment.

Who is the target audience for this project?

For this stage of work we are looking for people who are part of a local group or community in or near Edinburgh that shares similar interests. Examples of these interests could be shared activities such as cycling or walking, groups interested in similar hobbies such as history or bird watching, and other groups that support people (for example older people).  

Does the local group need to know about the environment or changes that can be made?

We are interested both in those groups that already have an idea of how they could use environmental monitoring to take better care of the environment around them and in those that don’t yet have a specific  idea, but would like to discuss and develop ideas within this project.

So, if the project team are interested in local groups, why are they contacting National level organisations?

The purpose here is to get agreement in principle from the National level of the organisation so that the local groups can be contacted by the project team to discuss the project and what is involved in participating.

What do you need to do?

At the National level of the organisation we are simply asking for you to provide us with the details of a local group preferably in or near Edinburgh. They will then be contacted by the project team and it will be identified that we have already contacted you at a National level. If you are happy for us to contact the local group then please provide their email, phone or address, along with a contact name to focus our communication.

If you would be willing to do this, then please send these details to  

  CITI-SENSE is a Collaborative Project partly funded by the EU FP7-ENV-2012 under grant agreement no 308524